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      Design and Construction Supervision: National experience in Ethiopia and Internationally

Design and construction supervision of mainly urban centers in Ethiopia. This includes for the city of Addis Ababa, and towns Debereberhan, Mizanteferi, Awassa, Bahir dar, Chagni, Tilili, Finote Selam, Jiga, Bullen, Bambasi, Kemashi Durame etc.

Currently Tropics consulting in association with Seureca and BRL has been undergoing construction supervision of Dire dam raising and expansion of Legedadi water treatment plant for the improvement water supply service for Addis Ababa town with World Bank and AFD of France finacing.

Internationally Tropics has been working in Kenya, Tanzania and Northern Iraq (kurdishtan) region.

Most of the projects were financed by International financing agencies such as the World Bank, AFD of France ,KFW and The Ethiopian Government. .

  • Nairobi Water supply distribution network modeling (in association with Sureca Consulting France)
  • Study and design of combined sewerage network of the cities located in the Northern Iraq, namely Dahuk, Irbil and Sulaymaniyah (in association with Sureca Consulting France)
  • Water supply improvement in  Dodoma and Tabora Municipality Tanzania  (in association with Sureca Consulting France)





Some of the works in irrigation project include in construction of river intakes , design and design review of the irrigation canals from 400 hectare to 10,000 ha. Feasibility study of Fincha Irrigation and hydropower system with MWH ,Chemoga yeda irrigation and hydropower system with Lamhayer, Flood preparedness and early warning near lake tana with RTI and design review & construction supervision of Gambella Alwero Rice Project (10,000 ha) with SNC-Lavaline.




Tropics has carried out various projects on the energy sector. The works amongst which include the design of small scale hydropower schemes in Oromiya and Southern nations  as well as large scale Hydro projects in association with International consultants.

Pre-feasibility Study of 13 Mini/micro Hydropower Projects in Oromia Regional State
Feasibility Study & final design of 7 Mini/micro Hydropower Projects in Oromia Regional State.
Feasibility and final design of Aweto Bonora and Hoha mini hydropower projects in southern region.

Tropics in association with MWH an international consultant has done construction supervision of Tekeze Hydropower Project is estimated more than US 300 Mill (300MW). It has also conducted the Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studyof  Fincha-Amerti-Nesh Hydropower project of 92 MW.

Under a contract entered with EEPCO(Ethiopian Electric Corporation) in association with Lamhayer international consultant, for the Chemoga Yeda Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study, Tropics has been undertaking hydrological and geo-technical investigation, hydropower and hydraulic design, topographic surveying, socio-economic impact assessment for the hydropower as well as for the irrigation component.

Under a contract entered with EEPCO in association with Hifab (Finland) an international consultant, for the Feasibility Study of Ethio- Sudan Transmission Line, Tropics has been undertaking data collection, review of power supply system, network analysis, cost & benefits analysis, economic and financial analysis and reporting.

Under a contract entered with EEPCO in association with ELC (Italy) an international consultant, for Feasibility study, Design Works and Tender Document preparation of Awash IV hydropower project, Tropics has been undertaking hydrological and geological investigation, drilling geological mapping, geophysical investigations, topographic survey, and hydropower design including canal, weir, penstock and power house designs.

Under a contract with Eastern Nile Technical regional office (ENTRO) for the Eastern Nile Power Trade Project Tropics in association with EDF (France) and SW (U.K.) which included the power trade study between the three countries Ethiopia ,Sudan and Egypt. The works included demand forecast review and network data collection; review of power supply system and network analysis and reporting and in Power Economics it includes data  collection, cost and benefit analysis. In the prefeasibility of the Mandaya and Border dams sites the work included the input of geologist at dam and quarry site selection and geological mapping ,ESIA study of both dam sites. The capacity of the dams for Hydropower is more than 3000MW.





Tropics has conducted capacity building, human resources and institutional development, and management studies of water supply irrigation and other projects in many parts of the country. Some of the projects that Tropics has participated in that regard are summarized hereunder.

In cooperation with CES/TAHAL Tropics have carried out comprehensive technical & management studies for the 25 towns Capacity Building Project for Oromia, Benishangul and Gambella Regions. The studies conducted included studies of Financial Management, Technical Management, Organization and Management, Tariff Study and Baseline Study. In addition, Tropics have joined Ernest & Young for identical undertakings to the above for SNNPR, Afar and Somali Regions. Tropics have joined Ernest & Young for the data compilation and analysis project, which included data analysis on about 700 urban and 300 rural centers collected by the MWR.

Under a contract entered with ESRDF Tropics has undertaken impact assessment of the training and capacity building components of ESRDF projects in Amhara, Tigray, Oromiya, Afar and Somali regions. This included visit to all regions, interviews with institutions, users and trainees and an assessment of ESRDF’s training and capacity building objectives conducted on the restructuring of the Oromia Water Bureau into three parts; viz-the water bureau, Irrigation Authority, and Water Works Enterprise with GTZ –RODECO , management studies of thirteen urban water services for Oromia Water Bureau , Design Guidelines for Technical, Financial and Economic Feasibility to help Regional Authorities to design technically, financially and economically feasible water supply projects with the World Bank.


Environmental and Ecological Studies and Assessment



Tropics in association with EDF and Scott Wilson  has been engaged in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of two mega hydropower project on the Nile River at Border and Mandaya, located in Benishangul Gumuz Regional States. The project is executed as per the contract agreement made between ENTRO and Consortiums of EDF, Scott Wilson and Tropics.   The ESIA is part of Easter Nile Power Trade Porgramme that was commissioned by ENTRO for the feasibility studies of three HPP of Border and Mandaya in Ethiopia and Dal in Sudan.     

The study is intended to promote regional power trade through the creation of an enabling environment coordinated planning and development of power generation and transmission interconnection projects. The outcome of this study, among others, will include a Power Trade Strategy, a Regional Investment Program and a Memorandum of Understanding to be executed by the countries for implementing the trade strategy and investment program.

Tropics has also done ESIA study for the implementation of the Dashen cement factory for Derban midroc. Under this project the impact and irrigation of pollutants from the factory where investigated and monitory plan was prepared    

Under a contract with EEPCO for The Study of the feasibility of Power transmission line that connects Ethiopia –Sudan and Egypt Tropics in association with EDF (France) and SW (U.K.). The services provided by our firm include the alternative route selection of transmission line in Ethiopia, This includes the selecting the feasible alignment of the transmission route for a 500KVA line ,minimizing of angle points ,river crossings and investigating the soil conditions for foundation design. Moreover the ESIA study of the transmission line including the ecology, socioeconomic survey, and stakeholders consultation was also done.

Under a contract with EEPCO for the Environmental and Social Impact assessment of the Ethio-Kenya Transmission lines of 400Kva Tropics in association with FITCHNER. The services provided by our firm include conducting an ecological and socioeconomic study  to produce an Environmental Impact Assessment study. Checking of the alignment of the route selected, conducting stakeholders consultation . Moreover the study also included the preparation of a RAP (Resettlement Action Plan) for the entire route of 460km. This included the detailed survey of properties of the Project affected persons such as housing agricultural land.

Under a contract with EEPCO, Tropics has also (i.e January 2012) conducted reviewing of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of Ethio-Kenya Transmission Line Project.

Tropics has conducted Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of Grand Ethiopian Reinessance Dam-Dedessa-Holeta-Addis Ababa 500/400kV power transmission line Project for EEPCo.

Currently, Tropics Consulting Engineers has been conducting full ESIA /RAP and mitigation measures of Toussa Steel Plant as per the standards required by Environmental Protection Authority, the World Bank, EIB, IFC and Amhara National Regional State. The study covers assessment of the impacts of the proposed steel factory on terrestrial, aquatic, social and economic environment (including resource competition on the existing natural wealth of target area). The assessment moreover incorporated environmental management and monitoring plan for sustainable steel development.

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